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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ride The West - Day 9 - Garberville, CA

Today's blog is brought to you by the T R E E S ...

Riding Through A Tree

Today was about as good as it gets ... glorious weather, a neat Victorian town, the Avenue of the Giants, a few tough climbs, and riding with good friends.  Jeff, Joe, and I were the last to leave Eureka a little after 8AM.  There were a lot of turns and lights the first few miles ... Jeff and I got stuck at a red light and it would take us almost 10 miles to catch back up with speedy Joe.  Our route avoided US 101 for the most part and quickly had us meandering through the quaint towns of Loleta (home of the Loleta Cheese Factory) and Ferndale (a Victorian charmer my Karen would have felt at home in).  Our SAG was right in downtown Ferndale opposite the Victorian Inn.  At one point. almost all the riders were together at the SAG.

Small Victorian Charmer

Another Well Restored Victorian

Could Easily Be on My Street in Braddock Heights
The next 20 miles brought us past farms and small towns (Rio Dell and Scotia) along the Eel River.  Many of us rode together until a few short steep climbs into  Rio Del spread us out.  Joe and I pushed ahead to the turn for the highlight of our day ... the Avenue of the Giants.  Easily, one of the best stretches of riding I have ever experienced.  

John and Susan Pass a Farm

Gary's Turn

This Was Our View for Over 35 Miles
We would pick up lots of folks and stop for lots of great photos. Barb set up a great SAG at one of the nicer visitor centers along the road.  The stooges picked up Toronto Mark and Gary after the SAG (Gary had a flat) and enjoyed a fantastic 20 miles together.  It brought back more memories of our 2010 cross country trip.  We could have really used big Dave to help carry us up a few of the steep climbs at the end of the day. 

Great Shot of Our Gang

Old Town of Weott ... Pole Shows the Water Level After Flood of 1964

Stooges Are Not As Big as the Base of This Downed Tree

We are staying in Garberville, which is a throwback to the 60's.  Lots of hippies (young and old) along main street and some interesting smells.  This says it all ... Shirley overheard one local exclaim "Dude, like I have been wasted for three days." Pig would be recalling days in Troy during the late 70's and early 80's ... like, wow man.  Tomorrow the climbing meter gets turned up a big notch with over 5,000 feet.  Today's map and data (80 miles and over 3,500 feet of climbing) -

Pig Would Be High On This Town

Good Night Moon ... Good Night Ferndale ... Goon Night Awesome Trees ... Good Night Geldings ... Good Night Pot Town

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