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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ride The West - Day 14 - Rest Day in San Francisco, CA

To say this rest day and location offered more amenities and opportunities would be a major under statement.  San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities.  It was over 20 years ago when I was last here.  Joe and I grabbed an early breakfast then headed to do laundry.  After finally completing my blog from yesterday, I headed off on my bike to have lunch with my aunt and uncle.  They live in a great house just a stone's throw from the Cliff House and Lands End.  I took mostly bike routes and spent a few miles admiring the homes on Clay Street.  It was great to see them again and catch up on things.

Great Lunch Visit With My Aunt

My Uncle Has Built A Wonderful Garden Oasis
After a nice lunch with my aunt and uncle, I meandered along the paths and roads near their home.  It provided great views of the Golden Gate Bridge looking toward Sausalito.  From there I headed back uptown toward Alamo Square Park to see the famous Seven Sisters (painted ladies).  I am a sucker for classic Victorian homes and love the city backdrop you can get from the top of the park.

Golden Gate Bridge From Lands End
The Seven Sisters
From there is was just a short ride to Haight Ashbury for a look at the classic neighborhood of the summer of love (1967).  A lot different from back then, but still some great people and shops to look at.  Pig's friends are there too!  It was a hilly ride back to the hotel (during the day I climbed almost 1,500 feet ns about 15 miles of riding) including a quick stop at CVS and a picture of the cable car in front of The Buena Vista (no Irish Coffees for me on this trip).

An Infamous Corner
Some Cool and Funky Shops Remain
Pig's Friends Have a Cafe in Haight Ashbury Too

Two Institutions In One Shot

Jeff and Gary had played golf with Mike Munk and Jeff''s friend Randy.  We headed to Chinatown (minus Mike) in Randy's car for some exploring and great food.  Our first choice was a bust ... dim sum never arrived, so we left and actually got chased down the block as they thought we had not paid for our food.  We ended up at the Hong Kong Clay Pot ... a great meal for 4.  Jeff had a craving for yet another Ghiradelli sundae, so for the second day in a row, that's where we went.  Good thing we are riding 90+ miles tomorrow!  On to Santa Cruz.


We Looked at This Restaurant, But Felt It Was Politically Incorrect (At Least For Joe)

A Very Big Table ... Lazy Susan Would Come In Handy

Sundaes Again!
Good Night Moon ... Good Night Ernie & Chao ... Good Night Chinatown ... Good Night Ghiradelli's ... Good Night San Francisco

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  1. I enjoy the blog Mark. I did a Seattle to San Diego ride with the ALA in '89 when I was much younger. Tough ride with so many hills day after day. You all are in great shape. Say Hi to all the 2010 group for me. Be safe!