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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ride The West - Day 5, Gold Beach OR

Saboteur!  A funny thing happened today to most of the Geldings ... all that is except Joe.  Was this coincidence or pay back for playing a little head game of moving the bicycle.  Perhaps we will never know ... LOL.  Author's note ... the insinuations I make below are purely for comic relief.

Today was a shorter day then the last two (58 miles and 2,600 feet of climbing).  The conditions were typical for the Oregon coast ... pretty raw and foggy.  My bright yellow Trek Across Maine jacket helped me remain warm and visible throughout the day.  How do you get over 20 cyclists to stop just two miles into their ride ... a photo op of course.  The lure of "Face Rock" was too much to pass up.  I think you can make out the face in the shot below.  I definitely like the first picture of the group more.

Take One of Me ... Susan Tried to Line Up Her Head with the Rock

Face Rock Through The Mist and Fog
After a few miles on Beach Loop Drive we were back on US 101.  The shoulders vary from real good to real bad.  The cars are mostly ok and give you room ... the trucks can make you a little nervous, buy typically give you room ... the RVs (often pulling a car) are another story ... and worst of all are the buses.  Staying alert and listening to your riding mates call out "Car Back" are keys to survival.  For the first 15 miles many of us rode together and kept a close eye out.  There was not much to see other than arts and crafts stores (Myrtlewood gifts being the most popular).  Art 101 had a real neat eagle sculpture made completely of trash collected from local beaches.

Eye Catching Roadside Art
Jeff rode a bit ahead of Joe and I and stopped at the white van to spend a little mechanical time with Jim Benson.  Jeff's brakes were acting up and his seat position needed tweaking.  Joe and I passed by, but would soon be needing Jim's services (well I would anyway) as well.  After coasting for a short while on a flat section of the road, I started to pedal and ... boom, my left crank arm (pedal and all) came off.  I was able to keep my balance and quickly bring the bike to a stop.  The crank arm luckily missed Joe who was following close behind me.  Now I ask you ... one Gelding with a mechanical issue quickly followed by a second one.  Could there be something in the fog ... or was it someone with a sinister plot.

Jim to the Rescue (Photo Courtesy of Mike Munk)

Brand New Cranks ... Not Any More
Jim was able to reattach my crank arm without any issues we were back on our way.  Just a few miles later we came upon Toronto Mark who had a flat.  It is always entertaining when he has a mechanical issue.  Jim stopped and helped finish the tube change.  Susan had gone ahead ... that left Mark to ride with us, and that officially allowed Jeff to win the bet we had made earlier in the week (which day would Susan let Mark go off and ride with the Geldings ... not quite the way we expected, but similar result).  So, Toronto Mark became the third Gelding to experience a mechanical issue.  Would there be more?

What Are The Five Steps Again?

The next five miles into Port Orford were reminiscent of the summer of 2010. The Geldings (minus Dave Sullivan) rode together in search of Myrtlewood?  We stopped at the "Wooden Nickel" just before the SAG at the Battle Rock Historic Wayside.  I came away with a nice letter opener.

Joe Snapped This One of Mark, Jeff, and I
After the SAG, I went out ahead expecting an 800 foot climb that was listed on our elevation chart. This gave me a head start on Jeff and Joe.  Well, the climb never came (it was several shorter ones skirting around Humbug Mountain) and Joe and Jeff stopped at a gallery and to flirt with the flag ladies who were directing traffic in a construction zone later up the road.  That enabled me to ride with Don, John, and Gary.

Always Fun Riding With Don

Friendly Visitor Waiting For Us On The Bottom Of One Of The Climbs

Limited Views, But They Still Impressed
I rode with Gary the last 10 miles or so into Gold Beach.  We left 101 for a short time and came in on what could best be described as a goat trail.  Quiet, big rollers, and a few nasty cattle guards to cross over ... on foot.  There was a salmon catching tournament in progress as we crossed the bridge into town.  Chowder for lunch, a tire changing clinic from Mike, a walk along the beach, and dinner at a Mexican restaurant finished off the day.  Here is the map and data -

Some Stooges Togetherness Time On The Beach In Front Of Our Hotel

Leo and Herb Go For A Chilly Swim
Another memorable day.  Was Joe the saboteur of the Gelding machines, was it the fog, or some other strange coincidence?  You be the judge.  Another 60 miles tomorrow will take us into California and our first rest day.  When we get to Carmel later in the trip, I will need to be careful for pig's friends crossing the road.

Pig Crossing in Carmel ... Several Days Away
Good Night Moon ... Good Night Crank ... Good Night Fog ... Good Night Saboteur ... Good Night Oregon

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