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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ride The West - Day 19 - Paso Robles, CA to Santa Maria, CA

Back in the saddle again!  Today's map and data - I had a much better night's sleep with almost no coughing thanks to the nighttime knock out medicine that Jeff got me ... think he might of added some special ingredients.  Leaving Paso Robbles, we were quickly in rural ranch lands. There were also a few vineyards.  A bunch of us rode together the first 15 miles or so.

Me Making It Up One The Early Morning Climbs (Courtesy of Mike Munk)

Another Short Hill Past A Vineyard
Our biggest climb of the day brought us to almost 1,500 feet in elevation.  The climb broke up the group and I pushed ahead alone as I was feeling much better ... the fresh air in my lungs felt good.  The descent was particularly nice and even longer then the climb.  Great road surface ... fairly good shoulder ... not as technical ... I was able to hit almost 42 mph.  Mike Munk was positioned well again, and snapped another great action shot of me.

My Favorite Part of the Day ... Descending (Courtesy of Mike Munk)

After the long decent, we approached the town of Morro Bay and could see the big rock getting closer and closer.  Joe's research would reveal it is called the Gilbralter of the Pacific and stands almost 600 feet high.  Our SAG was directly across from the rock and marina.  The town had several nice shops and eateries.  I paused to spend a few minutes with some sea lions just after the SAG.

Morro Bay Rock ... Sea Lions Too
Another Neat View A Little Further South
One Last Look From The State Park
The ride from into the 2nd SAG was about 30 miles.  I spent the first half of that riding with Char.  It was the fun to spend some one on one time with her.  We rode a few steep rollers together and our trusty leader was there again to snap the perfect photo.

Views Moving Inland After Morro Bay

Me And Char On a Short Climb (Courtesy of Mike Munk)
The last 15 miles from San Luis Obispo (home of Cal Poly) into Pismo Beach I rode with Jeff.  We had a bit of a head wind, but made really good time into the SAG.  The beach had a nice pier and there were some great goodies at the SAG thanks to Russ and John (I think).

More Agriculture and Crops Along The Way

Pismo Beach
The last 25 miles into Santa Maria included more crop harvesting, a medium size climb (Jeff and Joe chose the steeper 15% optional climb ... what hee men), and some fast speeds on the flats.  I rode alone and really flew ... solo riding at 20-28 mph (tail wind certainly helped!).  It seems my luggage was absconded by a mystery man (or woman) in an attempt to follow up my bold move last night at the T-shirt swap when I took Barbara Munk's shirt.  No one fessed up, but my bags magically appeared right outside my door after I went looking for them.  Maybe if I had pig's suitcases, people would show me more respect.   I did laundry for the last time before heading to IHOP for dinner.  Tomorrow we have a short 40 mile day into the fun town of Salvang.

More Strawberries On The Way To Santa Maria
My New Six Gap Century Shirt
Pig's Luggage Would Be Easily Identifiable At Morning Load
Good Night Moon ... Good Night Gilbralter Rock ... Good Night Char ... Good Night Luggage

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