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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ride The West - Day 3, Florence Oregon

Day three brought more miles (almost 80) and about the same amount of climbing (my Garmin said 3,800 but I think it is off as other rider's showed 4,500 ... time for a new one I think). See the map and data at  The weather did change ... much more windy and foggy at several spots.  That said, the wind often helped push us along, and the fog burned off in many places revealing more amazing coastline views.  Heading out at 8AM sharp, I rode with Jeff, Leo, and Gary for the first 20 miles.  We paused in the town of Depot Bay.  They tout themselves as the world's smallest harbor ... not so sure of that.  Next up was a wonderful two mile road called the Otter Crest Loop.  Only one lane with a nice wide bike lane.  It was like an oasis along the rocky shore.  The road led us to our first SAG at the Devils Punchbowl (a hollow rock formation that looks like a punchbowl). At low tide it was pretty quiet.

Living on the Edge at the First SAG
From there I headed out with Joe and Gary back on US 101 and the Oregon Bike Route into Newport and past the Yaquina Lighthouse (too foggy to bike the extra miles for a photo). We couldn't have got much closer to the ocean in several stretches.

Neat Stone House on One of the Cliffs

Rocky Coast ... Lots of This Today
At The Beach's Edge ... Gary (John and Joe Are Up Front)
I leap frogged up to Dan, Barb, John, and Mose and we meandered to Newport.  Joe had gone in search of the lighthouse.   In Newport we crossed the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  Mike and Karen advised we walk as there was no place for bikes on the road and it had a very narrow sidewalk with a big curb drop off.  I guess a few brave souls rode it ... not us.  A long walk in road cleats is not much fun and put me and Mose almost 1/4 mile back when we got off.

A Long Walk
I love a good chase and Mose was a perfect partner.  It took us some time and we were cruising on the rollers, but we finally made contact with Dan, Barb, and John.  John set a fast pace from there, but Mose wanted more.  I followed for a bit, but could not match his pace.  I rode alone for awhile through Seal Rock, over the Alsea Bay Bridge (where I passed Jeff and uttered two simple words ... "You're Ugly" ... LOL).  The bridge led to Waldport, supposedly famous for a good bakery, but alas it was closed.  Turns out they had a nice bike depot and coffee shack.  Several of us collected for a nice rest and conversation.

Don, Mose, and Russ Pause For Some Coffee

Karen, Mike, Joe, and Jeff - Latte and Smoothies

Next up was the town of Yachats and the second SAG,  The wind started to pick up as we got back on US 101.  The road wound up and down along the rocks and beaches below. Joe, Howard, Shirley and I were helped along by a nice tail wind.  Joe went off (again) to get a close look at one of the beaches.  I rode the final 15 miles or so with Howard and Shirley.  My quads really started to tire toward the end ... where is my masseuse Frank when I need him.

Joe Rides The Rollers Along The Shore

Howard and Shirley ... "Fun" Final Hour
We spent the night in Florence and had a nice dinner at Mo's Seafood.  It had a Maine lobster in the rough feel to it.  The Geldings and our new Filly Susan were joined by Char for good food and good laughs.  An ice cream an BJ's capped off the night (hmmm ... did they purposely put the "wood wizard" next to BJ's? 

Clam Chowdah, Salmon and Good Laughs at Dinner

Raspberry Cheesecake ... Hmmm Hmmm Good
Pig's chimes would have been blowing pretty hard in the wind today. My quads need some stretching and my bag needs repacking ... see you in Bandon tomorrow ... another 75 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing.

A Windy Day That Pig Would Have Enjoyed

Good Night Moon ... Good Night Wind ... Good Night Fog ... Good Night Views ... Good Night Quads

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