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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ride The West - Day 6, Crescent City CA

Today featured chilly temperatures, lots of rocks, a few good climbs, a new state, lots of lilies, good byes (Margo), hellos (Rick, Denise, Cindy, and Allen), and a great ride with Jim Benson.  It never got out of the 50's and with the wind and descents, it got pretty nippy at times.  I bundled up with my long bibs, cold weather under armor, long gloves, and toe covers.  The terrain would help us all warm up quickly as we started the day with a three mile 800 foot climb. I had pretty good climbing shoes today and made it to the top with a handful of the group.  Some hearty souls made the short but super steep (25% at one point) climb to see the Cape Sebastian overlook ... it was too foggy to see anything, but they got the bragging rights for sure.  Mike Munk was always in a great spot for pictures.

Mark and Susan Start The Climb

A Big Thumbs Up From Gary
ABB Peloton Starts The Climb (Courtesy of Mike Munk) - I'm In The Middle

Just Clear Enough To See The Ocean and Rocks
The next 10 miles had several good view points and picture opportunities.  The route was a bit hilly, but no significant climbs.  I rode with Rick and visited Arch Rock (Rick was psyched as he had ridden Ride The West a few years ago and was not able to see it due to the fog), Natural Bridge, Thomas Creek Bridge, Whaleshead, and Rock House.  Natural Bridge was by far the best.  The others were pretty much just rocks (do you sense a bit of sarcasm).

Arch Rock
Great Shot Of Me Emerging From Arch Rock Overlook (Courtesy of Mike Munk)
3 Natural Bridges ... Very Cool

View From Thomas Creek Bridge ... Highest Bridge (345 feet) in Oregon

Rick and I Atop Rock House Viewpoint (Not Sure Why It Is Named This)
From there the route continued to go up and down as I made my way to the town of Brookings.  I rode the last few miles into the SAG with staff members Jim Benson and Karen Bauer.  Jim, Tracey, and I set out from the SAG, but quickly stopped at the Beachcomber for a warm me up breakfast lunch (hot chocolate and strawberry french toast for me).  Jim and I pushed on and had a great ride all the way into our finishing town of Crescent City, California.  Yes, we left Oregon and crossed into California.  The road flattened a bit and we were able to avoid US 101 for the most part.  Along the way we passed through Smith River, which is the Easter lily capital of the world.  The "White Gold Rush", as the Smith River lily industry is called, has grown to the point where the ten largest farms between Brookings, Oregon and Smith River account for 90% of the world’s Easter Lily production.

A New State

Easter Lilies Everywhere
Approaching Crescent City we stopped at a great overlook that was alive with the barking of 100's of seals.  Jim had binoculars which made the viewing really special.  Riding with Jim for 30+ miles was very neat.  We chatted about our 2010 trip, other rides, work, family, and people.  Jim brought us through town on a short bike path that went to the town pier and past the Battery Point light house.  It was built in 1855 for $15,000.

Seals Were All Over These Rocks ... Barking Was Mighty Loud

Battery Point Light House From Town Pier
We get to stay in Crescent City for two nights as tomorrow is a rest day.  With today's 61 miles and 2,700 feet of climbing (see map and data at, I logged 401 miles and over 25,000 feet of climbing for the week. That leaves another 1,000 miles and 50,000 feet to go.  With the end of our first week, we said a sad goodbye to Margo (rode with me on the 2010 trip) and a friendly hello to Rick, Denise, Cindy, and Allen from Colorado.  On tap for the rest day are a bicycle handling skills session with Mike Munk, laundry, a well needed massage, good food, and more fun times with my riding mates. I am sure that if pig was here, he would take a nice long nap.

Goodbye Margo ... You Climb Like A Rabbit

Our Newbies ... Rick, Denise, Cindy, and Allen

Pig Would Be Settling In For A Good Day Of Rest
Good Night Moon ... Good Night Rocks ... Good Night Seals ... Good Night Jim ... Good Night Margo ... Good Night Newbies

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