My latest adventure down the west coast is now over. Posts are listed by date on the right. In a departure from previous years, I am not asking for donations. Instead, I will be making a sizable donation on behalf of my father-in-law, father, and all the wonderful people who have supported me over the years.

My rides will continue to make a difference in the lives of families fighting lung disease and to increase awareness about the importance of lung health. Follow along … Together; we are improving life, one breath at a time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

1 Week Until Ride The West

In one week I leave for Astoria, Oregon to start another great bicycle trip down the west coast of the US.  While 2012 has seen its ups and downs, I have remained focused on my training and ridden 3,700 miles in preparation for Ride the West. The highlight of the year was definitely my trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway with Jeff Douglas and Joe Schroeder.  You can read all about that and see the great pictures on this blog, starting with my May 2012 postings.

Completion of Blue Ridge Parkway in May
As I mentioned at the top of my blog, I am not asking for donations this year.  Instead, I will be making a sizable donation to the American Lung Association on behalf of my father-in-law, father, and all the wonderful people who have supported me over the years.  Thanks ... Together, we are improving life, one breath at a time.

I will start in Astoria, Oregon and finish in Newport Beach, California.  The trip covers over 1,400 miles and 75,000 feet of climbing in 23 days. We will take two rest days in  Crescent City, CA and San Francisco, CA.  Along the way, we will visit the beautiful gold coast beaches of Oregon, the Redwood National Forest, Sonoma Valley, Carmel, and Solvang to name a few. So many sites, vistas, and climbs await.  Don't get me wrong, the trip and sights will be wonderful, but the best part of the trip is sure to be the people.  I am again riding with America by Bicycle and will rest easy knowing Mike & Barbara Munk, Karen Bauer, and Jim Benson will again be handling all the logistics and support.  They made my 2010 trip across America one to remember.

I am sure to meet some new friends along the way, but most of my riding mates will be very familiar.  At least 14 alumni from my 2010 cross country trip will be on the trip.  It looked like the Geldings were all going to be there, but unfortunately, Dave Sullivan tore his bicep in late July and will not be able to join us.  We will miss him for sure.  We even have a few spouses joining the trip ... Susan (aka, the Duchess) will be making the trip with her husband Mark Weisbarth along with John Soley's wife Barb.  The following alum are scheduled to join the ride:  The Geldings minus one (Me, Toronto Mark Weisbarth, Jeff Douglas and Joe Schroeder), Gary & Margot Weinstein, Rick Olafson, Dan Koch, Don Yost, John Soley, Leo Anderson, Margo Addison, and Howard & Shirley Uehle. We are hoping for a few more too.

14 of Us from 2010 Will Make The Ride ... The Rest Will Be There in Spirit
I mentioned this year has had some ups and downs.  Many of those were the hills and mountains near my new house, Idlewhile, atop Braddock Mountain.  My training includes challenging climbs and wonderful destinations like Antietam Battlefield, Harper's Ferry, and Pen Mar Park to name a few.  I have ridden 3,700 miles and climbed almost 245,000 feet this year.  All that, and I lost the month of March to bronchitis.  I also lost almost two weeks to a bad bee sting and adjusting to new diabetes meds.  

In addition to those health challenges, my trusted Serotta Nove had some issues of it's own this year.  During my Blue Ridge Parkway trip, my rear wheel went, and when my mechanic (Travis Evans at Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop) was rebuilding the wheel, he found a crack in my frame. The good news, Serotta is replacing my frame with an upgraded Ottrott. The bad news, it takes 2-3 months to build a custom bike, so I will not have it for Ride the West. Don't feel too bad for me, as the owner (Matt McGoey) of the shop I bought my bike at, All American Bicycle Center, has loaned me his Ottrott and built it up to almost match my new bike.  I can not stress the importance of having a relationship with a local bike shop.  I am lucky to have two that have taken care of me over the years ... a big shout out to Travis and Matt. Travis also rebuilt my front wheel this past week on the same day I was to ship the bike to Oregon. Amazing service and support.

My Serotta Nove is Retired

Amazing New Ride Ready This Fall
Watch the BLOG and for daily updates, pictures, and all the fun.  Thanks for following along. It's almost time to start ... Pig is also ready for another great adventure.

See You in Oregon

Good night moon ...