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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ride The West - Day 2, Lincoln City Oregon

As Mike Munk often says, "If you loved today, you will love tomorrow."  That couldn't be any truer ... today was just as good as yesterday.  Same beautiful weather, same breath taking (although different) scenery, same challenging climbs (a few more and higher too), same fun riding mates.  The morning scurry gave me time to chat with a few of the riders I did not know.  I have started a page of photos of all the riders, see RTW Riding Mates/Crew.  The first 10 miles were pretty flat and gave many of us a great chance to ride together.  We had a nice mellow pace line (if you could call it that) of 13 riders.  I spent some time catching up with Rick Olfason and Gary Weinstein from my 2010 trip.  We hope to have Gary's wife Margot join us for the final week.

Today's Map and Data - 57 miles and 3,800 feet of climbing -

The grade turned upward as we climbed to the Cape Meares lookout.  These climbs definitely spread out the riders.  As usual, I found a steady rhythm that worked for me and pushed to the top.  Jeff, Joe and a few others powered by me, but we all met up for the great views of the coast, lighthouse, and 250 year old octopus tree.  A sweet descent brought us just inches from the beach.  Throughout the day, I rode quite bit with John and Barb Soley, Margo Addison, and Don Yost.

Cape Meares ... Only Acadia Offers These Views in the East

Me, Susan, Leo, and Gary at Cape Meares

Hmmm ... My Mouth Always Seems to be Open

Appropriately Named
Our first SAG was at Cape Lookout State Park. Soon after that, our biggest climb so far started.  The 3 Stooges (Me, Jeff, and Joe) started that with Don.  That quickly became me and Don as the boys scampered quickly ahead.  Just after starting the descent I hit a dip in the road and both my water bottles went flying.  I was able to find them and start the chase back to Don, John, and Barb.  It took quite a bit of time and energy, but really put me in the zone for awhile. I also was able to ride with Mark and Susan as we pulled into Pacific City (nice beach town).  I went in search of my first chocolate milk, but had to settle for strawberry.

Quiet, Scenic Beach Before the First SAG

Stooges on the Climb ... Awesome Coastal View

Don Leads a Train Upward (Mark, John, Susan, and "Mose") ... Jeff and I Were Picture Takers

Sandy Beach at Pacific City
After spending a good portion of the day on the Three Capes Scenic Route we moved to US 101 and picked up a little more traffic.  The shoulder was good and took us into Neskowin for our 2nd SAG stop. From there it was time for another good climb that really spread us out. I seemed to be right in the middle, with a group ahead of me and another behind me.  After cresting the top, I finished the last five miles alone and arrived into Lincoln City around 2PM.  Dinner was at the most inappropriately named restaraunt you can imagine. I guess they were forced to drop part of it several years ago.

No Comment ... Reasonable Steak and Eggs
Some folks made a DQ run, but I opted to make a few phone calls.  Fun night with Jeff, Joe, Leo, and Don and finishing the Blog.  Tomorrow is a longer day with almost 80 miles and another 3,600 feet of climbing.  Weather looks like a carbon copy of today. Pig would not need to carry the ice bandana.

Pig Might Need to Lend Me His Fan Once We Hit California

Good Night Crew ... Good Night Riders ... Good Night Beaches ... Good Night Rouge Water Bottles ... Good Night DQ (perhaps tomorrow) ... Good Night All

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  1. Great blog Mark! Photos are excellent!! Good to see some of the gang. Love the action shot with Don in the lead. Stay safe.