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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ride The West - Day 7, Rest Day in Crescent City CA

And on the 7th day they rested.  Crescent City was a good spot to pause and step back from the daily routine of eating, sleeping, and riding.  While there was no biking today, there was still lots to do.  I passed on the 6:15 AM laundry run that Mark and Susan made and opted to sleep in until almost 7:30.  After breakfast at the hotel it was time for Mike Munk's bicycle handling skills class.  More than half of the group joined in and learned great techniques for turning, stopping, checking for traffic, and other safety tips ... riding a bike is not as easy as you think!

Stick Your Butt Out ... Mike Shows the Proper Braking Position

New Turning Signal? ... No, Animated Discussion on Abrupt Turns

Jeff Navigates the ABB Slolom Course
Next up was laundry, which was a short 10 minute walk into town (made easier thanks to the Duchess lending me her rolling suitcase).  Barb and John were there as well.  I ran over to the Rite Aide for a few supplies including medicated blistex (sore, wind chapped lips) and Bag Balm (preventative maintenance for my tush).  Rest days are for resting and pampering ... I always schedule a massage on these days.  The Infinity Spa was right across the street and several of us from the "tribe" took advantage.  An excellent and relaxing 60 minutes had me feeling a lot better.

Crescent City is a marina town with lots of commercial fishing vessels and waterfront seafood restaurants.  The town was decimated in 1964 by a large tsunami that wiped out almost 300 buildings and 60 city blocks.  Looking south, the mountains we will climb tomorrow make for a great view.

Looking South ... 1,300 Foot Climb Awaits Us in the Morning

Tsunami Mural in Town

Neat Wooden Sculpture Along One of the Piers
Most of us ate dinner at the Chart Room right on the water.  A small marina in front of the restaurant is home to a large number of sea lions who put on quite the loud show.

Is it pod, colony, crash, flock, harem, bob, herd, rookery, team, or hurdle

An Institution in These Parts
Barb and Susan Get Friendly with the Old Man

Great Sunset From Our Table
Tomorrow it starts again ... 80 miles and over 4,200 feet of climbing to Eureka.  One of our riders, Mose, is representing a team of pigs (well whiners anyway).  My friend Cathy's pig is everywhere.

My Biggest Supporter and His Clan are Everywhere
Good Night Moon ... Good Night Rest ... Good Night Chores ... Good Night Infinity Spa

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