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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 47 -- August 6th -- Little Falls, NY to Latham, NY

Miles Ridden: 75.3
Avg Speed: 17.0 mph
Avg Heart Rate: 119 bpm
Climbing: 2,123 ft
Calories Burned: 1,727 (so says my Garmin ... it's higher!)

Glorious weather and roads ... a few hills ... nice bike path ... Jumpin Jacks ... TV interview ... RPI alumni reception

Today' route and map --

Yesterday was wet and rainy.  What a difference a day makes.  Today was just perfect ... dry, no humidity, cool temperatures in the 70's.  It was a glorious day to be on a bike.  The Geldings with Alex headed out around 7:30 after a good breakfast.  The  Knights Inn was very accommodating even if there Internet was not the greatest.  We had to warm up with a few short climbs out of town and within the first 5 miles.  We spent most of the early part of the day on Route 5S East.  Great surface and nice shoulders.  The terrain was a good teaser for tomorrow's climbs.  We had several 100-250 foot hills that got my blood pumping.  The descents were nice and I took full advantage.

Is Karen on Our Ride?  One of Her Favorite Jerseys

Leaving Little Falls

The Lock in Little Falls 

Picturesque White Church on One of the Early Climbs

The Mohawk Valley Was Misty Today
Just as we hit the town of Fultonville the day had its only blemish.  As I rode into town, I came upon Margo (CA) lying in the street.  A car had turned into her path and she had to take evasive measures up on the curb.  As she came off the curb, she went down.  It was pretty scary to see her like that.  Luckily she is OK and suffered only a few scrapes.  I helped her to her feet while others attended to her bike.  Jim arrived very quickly in the van.  Her spirits were high and she even posed for a picture with the Swiss train.

Still Smiling ... the ABB Rock and Roll Team
We hit the first SAG about 5 miles later.  A few more short hills spread the group out a little.  I started to recognize the towns ... Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Scotia.  Memories flooded my brain ... how had it been 28 years since I left Troy?  We did a 6 mile stretch on the bike path along the Mohawk River.  It was very nice and had more locks.  Can you say peaceful.  I felt like I was on a casual Sunday ride.

Great Path Along The River

Lock 8 and Bridge Along the Path

Multi-Functional Crossing

A Group of Water Skiers on the River

After exiting the bike path, I knew where we were stopping!  Jumpin Jacks is an institution in these parts.  I had made the trip from RPI to Scotia several times for great onions rings, clams, and burgers.  Today it was clams.  A good portion of the riders also stopped for a fun lunch.  Just after leaving, Alex had a flat, and Joe and Jeff stayed with her and sent Dave and I ahead (Toronto Mark had gone up the road on the bike path).  Dave and I enjoyed the next 8 miles to the second SAG along a wonderful "virgin" (i.e, new pavement) bike path.  We passed the General Electric research facility near Schenectady, climbed the mini 17% bump on the path and found our way to Jeff Blatnick Park.  Union College is nearby (another frequent stop in my college days). I had a nice surprise waiting for me ... the local CBS affiliate (Channel 13 WNYT) was there to do an interview with me.  The reporter had been there awhile and had asked every cyclist that came before me if they were Mark.  When Toronto Mark went by, he said, yes, but then the reporter said "RPI"?  Mark, said, nope, you want Baltimore Mark.  I had given the RPI media folks a target time of 11:30 to 12:00 for my arrival at the rest stop.  We arrived around 12:15.  Pretty close.  I will post the story and video when it becomes available.  Several riders from the Troy Bike Rescue were also in the Park.  They were heading to a convention in Toronto.  A few wild looking handmade bikes including the hammock bike and London double Decker.

The Infamous Jumpin Jacks ... A Local Institution Since the 50's

Clams and Ice Cream ... Cycling Fuel?
My Old Stomping Grounds ... Union College (RPI tomorrow!)

The Hammock Bike - Troy Bike Rescue

A Nice Welcome from the Alumni

The RPI Gang ... Thanks for Coordinating This Sue
A short 10 miles along the path and we were at the hotel.  I took a nap.  Dave headed to dinner at his sister's house.  I skipped dinner at the Old Country Buffet in favor of a fun night out with several RPI alumni.  Sue Turcotte from RPI Alumni Relations picked me at the hotel and drove the short mile to the Mousetrap Bar & Restaurant.  A small group of alumni shared wings, pizza, and great conversation for several hours.  A few of the attendees were also cyclists and/or Red Sox fans, so the conversation was easy.  Matt was a cyclist and Yankee fan, so we will forgive him (LOL).  Thanks for a nice get together!

Tomorrow we go right through Troy and past my fraternity house.  I plan to scoot the couple extra blocks for  a photo.  Then it is up the hill past RPI.  We make our way into Vermont and Bennington and then start some serious climbing ... some riders are apprehensive ... I am looking forward to it and plan to find my pace and rhythm.  I expect to ride some on my own.  We stop in Brattleboro before our final two days in New Hampshire.  Can't wait to see everyone at the beach.

Good night moon ... good night Jumpin Jacks ... good night bike path ... good night Margo (feel better) ... good night Troy ... good night RPI


  1. Hi Mark,
    So glad you had what seems to be a great day ! To bad for Margo's fall, I know how motorist can be to cyclist. While living in Austin, we had a lot of cyclist, they were on Lance's stomping ground. I saw many mishaps as they happened and a lot after the fact, they are turning VERY bike friendly now.
    Pictures were great once again, and I really liked that blue Jersey myself. Do you have any of them for sale ? I sure will miss my nightly read after the venture is over. Sleep well, God Bless and Happy Saturday to you.

  2. You did it !!! Yipee ! Wish I would have been at the party about this, next year you do Minnesota to Texas and I will see you in the Gulf....God Bless you, your followers and your family.
    Good Night