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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 44 -- August 3rd -- Niagara Falls, NY to Henrietta (Rochester), NY

Miles Ridden: 82.6
Avg Speed: 18.2 mph
Avg Heart Rate: 122 bpm
Climbing: 1,558 ft
Calories Burned: 1,867 (so says my Garmin ... it's higher!)

Last leg of trip ... very humid ... a few rollers ... feeling good ... Rochester ... 6 days to go

Today' route and map --

One last picture from Niagara Falls ... I was a little pooped after eating ice cream.  Now that's what I call a rest day.

Sweet Dreams Mark ... Nice Tan Lines
At our 6:45 AM luggage load, Mike Munk said "No more rest for you guys until you hit the beach".  That is just 6 days away now that we have completed the ride to just south of Rochester.  The trip has gone so quickly ... it seems like yesterday we were just heading out from Oregon.  Then again, it also feels like I have been doing this forever.  Going back to work will be a very interesting experience.  We did not get on the road until after 8:00 as the Denny's where we had breakfast was slooow.  People left as they got and finished their meals.  My table was dead last. Joe and Toronto Mark headed out before us.  I led Dave, Jeff and Alex out of town until Jeff took over and made a serious 15 mile pull.  The weather got pretty humid and we settled into a nice quick pace.  Not a ton of scenery.  The roads were good once we cleared town.  The first SAG was at the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge.  I went on a hunt for some wildlife ... Leo's Legacy would be proud of what I found.

Leo's Legacy ... Change and Renewal

Other Refuge Inhabitants

Another Dragonfly ... Leo Must Have Been Nearby
My group picked up a new rider after the SAG ... Nancy (CT) has joined the ride for a few days with her friend Anne (CT).  Anne rode the trip last year and raised over $50,000 for ALS ... wow!  Nancy is a strong rider and quickly took a turn in front.  We passed a fair amount of farms and hit some rolling hills.  I charged into the first few and ended up a good bit ahead of the crew.  I felt really good and pushed on alone at a nice clip.  I really prefer the terrain when there are some hills to break things up. The humidity was pretty high, so I practiced the drink and pour (over my head and neck) method.  I paused at the second SAG in Bergen for a few chocolate milks.  A few folks told me they had seen a camel!  I missed it.  I will try to get a copy of the picture.

Classic Red Barn With Advertising ... Great Weathered Look

Another Barn Style Along The Route ... I Prefer the Red Ones

The Long and Not So Winding Road

The rolling terrain continued after the SAG.  I slowed a little, but still was in a good zone.  The route took us on the south side of Rochester to Scottsville and into Henrietta.  Rochester is all about Eastman Kodak and the home of the University of Rochester (hello Michael), and the Rochester Institute of Technology (hello Bruce!).  Several neat houses lined the route ... Karen would like them.

Eastman Kodak Photography Museum

Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Rochester

Scottsville Had Some Neat Houses

Another Great House in Scottsville ... Let's Buy This One Karen

After unloading the luggage, Dave and I relaxed in the room and watched "The Great Escape".  So many great old actors in their youth.  A quick thunderstorm blew in on the way to dinner at the Pizza Hut ... luckily we were in the van.  A quiet evening emailing, blogging, and talking with the girls.  We head to just outside Syracuse tomorrow (Liverpool).  Our last 90+ mile day.  Humidity is expected to stick around.

Good night moon ... good night humidity ... good night dragonflies ... good night RIT ... good night U of R ... good night beach goers (11:30 on 8/9 at Wallis Sands Beach


  1. Good night "Travlin' Man" now you have a little tune to hum on you way, old Bob Seger. He was my favorite in H.S. many moons ago....late 70's ! Loved the barns and houses, especially the one you are buying for your wife ! lol

  2. Mark - I have really been enjoying following you and the group across the country - especially hearing about and seeing the photos of our neighbor, Dave Sullivan. Say "Hi" to him!

    Wishing you well on that last leg!

    Dennis (Ann Arbor, MI)

  3. Mark, you're awesome. Keep it up. Nice shots or Rochester (or Rachacha, or Rottenchester). You're photo of RIT looks a bit different than when I was there. Spent many hours (awake and asleep) in the darkrooms of the Photo bldg. - which is the right-half of that low-rise building in your photo. Take care, and keep up the good fight on your ride.