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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 46 -- August 5th -- Liverpool (Syracuse), NY to Little Falls, NY

Miles Ridden: 78.4
Avg Speed: 17.0 mph
Avg Heart Rate: 115 bpm
Climbing: 1,053 ft
Calories Burned: 1,682 (so says my Garmin ... it's higher!)

Wet ... nice roads first 50 miles ... wet ... Utica ... drying ... Little Falls ... last laundry run of the trip

Today' route and map --

I guess I should have paid more attention to the weather forecast this morning.  It was overcast, but I did not pack full rain gear (just my vest).  Well, we set out around 7:30 and it started to rain within the first half hour.  The Geldings plus Alex, Margot, and Nancy traversed the first few busy miles out of town and then settled in to some nice roads.  We rode as a group, but kept some distance due to the wet roads and tire spray/kick up.  About 15 miles in, the group split a little and then it really started to come down.  Several folks took shelter in a local bus maintenance dept, but Nancy and I continued on to the first SAG in Canastota.  The rain came down hard for awhile, but started to let up some by the time we hit the SAG.

Rainy and Wet
Toronto Mark and NJ Mark followed us in to the SAG. Nancy waited a spell for Margot, so I set out to catch up with Toronto Mark, who had left a few minutes earlier. We passed some nice NY towns and enjoyed quiet roads. The rain continued, but was not too hard. My vest kept me covered and the temperature was very tolerable. Just outside of Durhamville, we spotted what might be the world's smallest church that is in middle of a pond.

Considering the weather and sloppy roads, we made good time into the second SAG in Whitesboro. My queue sheet disintegrated en route. Karen had a nice set up under a gazebo opposite the town hall. I picked up a new queue sheet, but we only had one turn left for the next 25+ miles. Joe joined us and several other folks assembled just outside of Utica for the final 20 miles. We did not venture downtown, but I have seen it first hand before. My sister Amy went to college there ... biggest claim to fame is that they are home of Gennesee Creame Ale (free tours and beer on Fridays - well at least back when Amy was in school).

SAG 2 - Karen's Gazebo

Toronto Mark ... Wet, But Happy

Me Blowing Kisses in the Rain
The road got pretty busy and with more riders, we had to spread out some. Poor NJ Mark collected his third flat of the day. Knock on wood, I have had only one so far. I probably should not have said that. As we hit the town of Herkimer, I pushed out ahead of the pack with Rick, the tandem (Mike & Matt), and Nancy. The rain stopped, but the roads were still a little sloppy. We hit one final hill that I pushed hard through and descended quickly ... man can that tandem fly. Even with the weather they caught me toward the bottom. John (OH) was on their wheel, and we rode the last few miles together into Little Falls.

Little Falls is on the canal and has some nice restored buildings. As the name implies, there is a little set of falls and some houses that sit right on the water. It also home to a neat castle, Beardslee Castle, built in 1860. I quickly showered and headed across the street for the last laundry run of the trip! I had a nice lunch with Ann (Toronto) at a small (and I mean small) diner. The menu looked like the prices had not changed since 1980. The hotel had a wine and cheese reception for us before dinner. Dave's folks came up from Hamilton and they went out for a nice dinner. Very spotty Internet in the hotel, so after a great blueberry cheesecake yogurt at the Mill, I headed to McDonald's ... they had great Internet.

The "Little" Falls

Nice "Little" Town

Some Houses Are Built Right Up to the Edge of the Water

Little Falls Has An Active Lock on the Canal

Ice Cream Run ... I Had Awesome Yogurt

Little Falls ... One Last View

Beardslee Castle
Weather looks great for tomorrow's 75 mile run into Latham.  The RPI alumni association is having a small reception for me at 6:00 PM.  It should be fun.  Only four days left.  We got all the details on the last day at wrap.  We should be at Wallis Sands State Beach by 12:00.  Friends and family are collecting at 11:30 AM.  About half the riders are staying overnight in Portsmouth and flying out Tuesday morning.  Karen and I may stay over, but I am not sure ... leaning toward heading back to Maine late Monday.

Good night moon ... good night rain ... good night laundry ... good night Little Falls ... good night loyal BLOG and Facebook followers (I love your comments and emails)

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  1. Hi Mark,
    To bad about the rain and wet roads today, I hope tomorrow will be nice. Once again great pictures and blog. I loved the tiny Church in the pond and the Castle was very cool. Had to say a quick prayer for those living in the housing on the canal, pretty shabby. I hope the lunch was good, what a treat to get 80's prices. The Church and the Little Falls were quaint. Good night moon (I like that little saying} and God Bless You.