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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Natchez Trace - Day 7 - Columbia TN to Nashville TN

A wonderful trip comes to an end.  A big thanks to Joe and Jeff for coordinating everything and an even bigger thanks to Aila and Karen for their heroic efforts and awesome SAG support.  The week went by quickly and generated new memories that I will carry forever.  It was great to see everyone and spend some one on one time with each of them.  Thanks Helen, Alex, Leo, Rod, Ellen, Shirley, Howard, Steve, Jeff, and Joe for the ride, the pulls, the friendship, the laughter, and the memories.  I hope to see you all soon as well as the other ABB North riders real soon.

Our last day was short (36 miles -, but hilly. The route brought us just south of Nashville and had lots of rolling hills along with a few climbs. The Parkway was full of bikers and devoid of traffic. We started at the John Gordon House, located near the Duck River. It was great chance to snap a few final shots of the crew.

Our Last Start

Rod, Howard and Shirley Getting Ready for a Great Day

Shirley and Howard are all Smiles

Steve ... Pondering the Blue Ridge Parkway for Our Next Ride?

Leo ... My New Roomie

Rod ... Great New One Less Car Jersey
Joe, Jeff, and I rode pretty hard most of the day.  I powered into the hills to keep the distance between myself and them to a minimum.  As always, the descents were fun.  Jeff always seemed to find the power to pass me. We stopped at few overlooks and found our way to the SAG at the half way point.  The site was full of local bikers and we found another ABB North Rider (from 2009) ... Fred Hartley.  Fred rode a recumbent and rode with several of the folks I chatted with last year.  It was a neat coincidence.  Cleaning up after the SAG we were all careful not to pick up anything Karen may have dropped ... :-)

Morning Fog Over The Trace

Fred Hartley ... Rode ABB North 2009

One Last SAG ... Thanks Aila and Karen!!

Watch What You Leave Behind ... LOL

A few more hills and rollers brought us to the Natchez Trace Parkway Arches.  The arches are a concrete double arch bridge that extends almost 1,600 feet and 150 feet over State Route 96 and a heavily wooded valley. Another great photo opportunity.

Picturesque View From the Bridge

The Dual Arches ... Look Close and You Can Spot Shirley

Final Gelding Photo ... You Guys Rock
Finally, we came to the end of the parkway and pulled into the Loveless Cafe.  Th Loveless Cafe is a local institution that has been around for over 50 years.  Logistics were carefully orchestrated to get everyone on their way home or to a hotel for the night.  Jeff, Aila, Leo and I stayed over near the airport and went out for a great dinner at Ellandales.  I head out tomorrow morning for the long 11 hour drive home.  A great week!  In a few days I head to Maine for the Trek Across Maine.

Fun At The End ...

All Done ... A Great Week

Good night moon ... good night Trace ... good night Nashville ... good night ABB reunion riders ... good night friends, family, and supporters.

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