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Monday, June 6, 2011

Natchez Trace - Day 2 -- Raymond to Carthage MS

The 4:30 AM alarm clock came very early.  Breakfast at 5:00 AM had us on the Trace around 6:00 AM.  This approach provided us lower morning temperatures and had us finished by noon time.  That resulted in a a less intense heat and better conditions than yesterday.

Early Morning Load Before Sunrise

Howard Sports His John Deere Green
Today's route and data -

The sun was still coming up as we headed out for another 61 miles.  Today's route passed through the outskirts of Jackson, the Ross Barnett Reservoir, and followed the Yockannookany River.  Historical stops included the Dillion Cemetery, Battle of Raymond, and Boyd Burial Mounds.
The New Morning Ritual ... Unload and Go

Sunrise Over the Trace

Alex and Jeff (Sporting Jeff's Club Jersey)
 The Geldings and our Philly rode sweep and imagined that Toronto Mark and Dave were at the end of our pace lines. It was just like old times ... great pulls, fast times, and lots of conversation.  We spent time lots of time with Ellen, Leo, and Rod too.

Jeff ... The 2nd Half of J&J Bicycle Trips, Inc.

Alex Always Has a Big Smile

Serene Early Morning Miles

Three Foot Rule Gives Us Some Room

Karen and Aila set up a great SAG overlooking the reservoir.  The whole crew assembled at one point and the atmosphere was very relaxed.  The vanilla extract spray that Karen provided eliminated the nasty gnats and the temperature was very tolerable.  Lots of great shots at the SAG and following the reservoir.

Gelding Reunion ... Thinking of Mark and Dave

Mom and Daughter

One of the Girls of ABB Calendar (Ellen)

The Reservoir




We stopped for a nice walk along the Cypress Swamp trail. No gator sitings today, although Rod saw a big splash tha might have been one or at least a big turtle.  The temperature climbed close to 100 degrees as we made the final push past the Upper Choctaw Boundary.  I am always amazed at how poorly we treated the Indians and took away their land.  A classic Gelding pace line made short work of the final 15 miles and had us loaded for the hotel just after Noon.

Jeff Leading A Parade?

Cypress Swamp Trail

Gators Were Hiding Today
 A relaxing afternoon (nap included) led to a nice dinner at the Olive Garden.  To say the food on this trip is better than all the cross country buffets we hit last summer is an understatement.  I am hopefully going to bed by 10 to catch up on my sleep ... same 5AM breakfast and 6AM start to beat the heat.  Donations keep coming ... I will post a full list soon.  Thanks to everyone who has supported or followed me the past year.

Good night moon ... good night Geldings (miss you Mark and Dave) ... good night heat ... good night supporters ... good night friends ... good night blog.

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